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Lucky☆Star Episode 4

NarumiAyumu : 2007.05.06 (Sun) 15:09'54" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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To Heart, Higurashi, Death Note... all this and more in this week's Lucky Star!


Site launch

Ascaroth : 2007.05.06 (Sun) 00:00'00" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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No, we didn't actually get into trouble with the FBI... for those of you who still haven't noticed the scrollbar on the right. So after 2 weeks of CSS hell and another week of coding the new features and fixing up various things... here it is: the nice, new version of this site. Even though the layout is almost exactly the same, the underlying structure has changed completely. Hopefully now it won't take an hour for me to update the site whenever something is released...

See the big 'BETA' up there? That's right... this site's still not release quality by my standards, and it might act up on you if it doesn't like what you're doing. If it does act up though, just tell me and I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again. And if you think 200ms page generation time is slow... well... come back after I optimize it when I get bored enough to.

Also, many of the pages still have stuff to be added on, so if some part's missing or something just come back some other day and do something else with your life in the meantime.

Lastly this layout is designed to work with Mozilla Firefox 2 External link and Internet Explorer 7 External link. If you use one of these two browsers and something's funny, I'll try to fix it. If you use any other browser and find problems, then you're welcome to use the text version. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I really do not find any interest in making my sites fully cross-browser compatible seeing as how time-consuming of a task it can become.

Alright, have fun...

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