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Lucky☆Star Episode 6

starfisher : 2007.05.19 (Sat) 23:33'52" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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Make sure to see the notes under the Episode 6 entry!


YURIKA changelog (317)

Ascaroth : 2007.05.19 (Sat) 23:21'09" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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Various bugfixes and site improvements have been done.

  • Fixed: Missing avatars are not detected in news page (monthly view)
  • Fixed: Password-less posts can be deleted without a password in BB
  • Fixed: BB navigation list style inconsistent with other pages
  • Fixed: Clicking post number does not add reply indicator (>>postnumber) into content in BB
  • Fixed: External link indicator (External link) corrupts link in text version
  • Fixed: Bullet (•) becomes exclamation (!) in text version of projects pages
  • Fixed: Release progress can grow >100% in projects pages
  • Added: Additional 5% transparency to make things easier to read
  • Added: Ability to jump directly to an episode from list of latest releases
  • Added: Release type in text for text version in projects pages
  • Added: CSS media type set to screen so everything else gets a virtual text version (less elegant than the server-generated text version)
  • Added: Anchors for all major headings in all pages (for quick access by http://url/section/#anchor)
  • Some others I forgot...

When you expand or collapse sections in the Projects section, the 'Return to project index' button may not move as you'd expect in Firefox, although it resets itself to its correct position if you click either the phantom image or the location where the image should've moved to. This appears to be a rendering bug with FF and does not affect IE. I've done some testing, and the issue only occurs if the button is linked to another page; it shifts properly as the 'To top of page' button does if the link is only an anchor. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about this so FF users will just have to live with it.

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