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Our IRC channel

We are located at #enm@irc.irchighway.net [External link]. Drop by for a visit!

EnM recruitment

We are currently looking for proficient manga editors and distro bots. Please inquire in the channel.

Downloading FAQ

Anime files can be found on BT on our tracker at Scarywater and on our bot in the channel, unless it's being emo. Manga files are available online. Download responsibly (no hammering the server with download managers). Enjoy.

Using the bulletin board

The board supports most 2ch-style imageboard conventions with the exception of bumping posts using 'age' in the email field. Posts are automatically bumped when a reply is created (so there's no point in using a specialized command). In addition, there are no thread or reply limits at this time, although they can be activated when necessary.

At this time, JPG, GIF, and PNG images are the only filetypes allowed, with a 2MB limit per file. Images greater than 150 pixels along the longest edge will be thumbnailed. By a rough estimate, any image 4000 × 4000 pixels will be considered an oversized image and a thumbnail will not show. However, images up to 6000 pixels on each edge are accepted by the server, as long as the filesize is less than the limit.

You must wait at least 20 seconds between making each post. Post content may be up to 3KB long, and you must at a minimum supply either text content or a file to make a post (otherwise there isn't really anything to post).

The downrate feature is a method of allowing users to moderate the board themselves. If you find an offensive post, simple select it and click 'Downrate post' to lower its rating. The post will be hidden automatically once its rating falls below the threshold. Note that announcement posts cannot be downrated.

Your IP address is recorded in its original form and displayed in an encoded format when you make a post for security and spam control purposes.

Forced secure tripcodes are implemented, meaning that all tripcodes in the BB apply to this site only, and that any tripcode generated for you is automatically secure (you only need to use username#securekey instead of username#tripkey##securekey or username##securekey, and it is impossible to use username#tripkey with the intended results).

Since 2007.07.03, all new posts to the BB must pass the Akismet [External link] test. This process is completely automatic and if you are unable to post a legitimate message it may be due to your post failing this test. A log of posts that fail the test to sort 'ham' (false positives) and 'spam' (true positives) is not kept, thus you must reword your post so that it passes the test completely on its own.

Since 2007.08.06, all e-mail addresses entered in the e-mail field must be valid in order to be posted. You can also enter 'sage' into the e-mail per 2ch convention to reply without bumping.

Since 2007.11.10, 'noko' functionality has been implemented, and it is safe to refresh the browser after creating/deleting/downrating a post.

Since 2008.11.22, it is no longer possible to post duplicate images.

For reference, the information for each post follows this format: NAME•TRIPCODE / ID : TIMESTAMP

EnM/EnA staff

  • starfisher - EnM co-founder, proofer, editor (anime)
  • Ascaroth - EnM co-founder, translator, editor (anime), webmaster
  • lewstherin - EnM co-founder, scanner, proofer
  • AlphaNek0 - EnM co-founder, editor (manga), timer
  • Tetsuhiko - translator
  • katsuNEKO - translator
  • Bakimaru - editor (manga)
  • ChaosX - editor (manga), MIA
  • Celeb - editor (manga), MIA
  • Jiraiya-onii-sama - editor (manga), raw provider, MIA
  • Sogyrice - QC
  • NarumiAyumu - EnA founder, translator, typesetter
  • bOrbOt - encoder
  • Hitokiri555 - translator
  • KOKATO - song translator, editor (anime)
  • seraph - timer, translator

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