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* Bug squashing

Ascaroth / 1ec06d3f : 2007.05.05 (Sat) 23:00'16" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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Welcome to the new EnM/EnA site! As you can see it's still in beta... for a good reason: bugs are to be expected. If something feels funny, reply to this post with a report of what happened and I'll check it out. Also, some details on how this board works are available here >>>>> .

Lucky Star

scot-anime / f2e3310e : 2010.07.20 (Tue) 10:49'50" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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I'm currently studying towards an MSc in Translation Studies in the UK. For my graduation dissertation I am comparing the subtitles in fansubs with those in the official versions of two anime series, one of which is your version of Lucky Star. I won't go into any great detail right now, but I would really appreciate it if I could contact the translator and perhaps the editor in the event that I should have any questions about the translation process and/or final product. Just to let you know, my analysis will necessarily remain objective, i.e. there will be no "The official version is better or worse because of X,Y and Z" or anything similar. Rather, I'll be looking for evidence of fansubbing conventions having influenced mainstream subtitling practices. I already have other translators on board for the other anime I'm looking at and I'd greatly appreciate your assistance. I look forward to your reply. Yours, scot-anime

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starfisher / 73462a98 : 2010.07.21 (Wed) 16:12'11" UTC-0700 (PDT)
No. 277

We would be glad to help. If you need anything, feel free to send us an email.

Joint request

skiper5 / 5b2c2f77 : 2009.07.04 (Sat) 09:50'19" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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Hello my name is skiper5, cofounder of Hitode-subs, we're a group that speciallizes in quality subs. We have very experienced subbers who have been subbing for many years as well as afx typesetters who are eager to work on something. I've been watching your subs for a while and I'd really like to for a joint project with you, of course you're welcome to choose which project you'll like to work on, if it's from the new summer season the better. what do you say?
my email is skiper20002000@hotmail.com
irc: #hitode@irc.rizon.net

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starfisher / bbeedb2a : 2009.07.05 (Sun) 12:10'55" UTC-0700 (PDT)
No. 275

We have currently suspended additional activities and thus are uninterested in joints at this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Emblem of Roto

Demilich / dbee1dcf : 2009.05.26 (Tue) 12:21'39" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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Do you plan to continue translating Emblem of Roto manga? Thanks.

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starfisher / bbeedb2a : 2009.07.02 (Thu) 23:32'13" UTC-0700 (PDT)
No. 273

As of this moment, no.

IE8 Issues

Ascaroth / 1ec04e8d : 2009.05.08 (Fri) 13:44'57" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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[THUMBNAIL: 1241815497124.png]
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I'm in the process of troubleshooting issues for IE8. Most problems seem transient, like the 'Projects' page is usually rendered correctly if you refresh it after all the images load.

It seems like the only real issue that I could find is the expanding content getting hidden behind other stuff. I'm not quite sure why this happens, but it works under Compatibility Mode until I get a chance to fix it.

Please reply to this thread if you encounter further issues with IE8 and I'll take a look.


Anonymous / 9ec2ca78 : 2008.11.11 (Tue) 17:55'47" UTC-0800 (PST)
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(No content)

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Anonymous / 1ec07e77 : 2008.12.31 (Wed) 19:28'40" UTC-0800 (PST)
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[THUMBNAIL: 1230780520123.jpg]
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Pat Williams / 47cbee5f : 2008.11.23 (Sun) 21:08'30" UTC-0800 (PST)
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Cool site.

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Anonymous / bbeef29a : 2008.12.03 (Wed) 01:19'14" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 269

[THUMBNAIL: 1228295954122.jpg]
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(No content)

Reseed Request : School Days Valentine Days

Heartofadeadpoet / 9e53572d : 2008.11.25 (Tue) 20:14'01" UTC-0800 (PST)
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Hi Guys, If possible please reseed School Days Valentine Days. Thank You

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starfisher / 419c0f3b : 2008.11.25 (Tue) 23:16'33" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 264

Our releases are also available on IRC. :]

Do you have any interest in doing the LuckyStar OVA?

suiton / c2989a4a : 2008.10.06 (Mon) 17:29'59" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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I really liked your LuckyStar episodes. They were very good quality. As you guys probably know, a 1 episode OVA has been released (http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=5932) I'd really like it if you guys released this. A RAW torrent for the OVA (DVD) has been released by many sources. Please check out like TokyoToshokan for it. Thanks!!

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Anonymous / bbeef29a : 2008.11.25 (Tue) 22:50'51" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 263

[THUMBNAIL: 1227682251122.jpg]
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(No content)


Anonymous / 9e205f2c : 2008.11.21 (Fri) 10:46'02" UTC-0800 (PST)
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Thanks EnA for all the good work. We appreciate all your efforts. Keep it up

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Anonymous / 1ec07398 : 2008.11.21 (Fri) 12:51'05" UTC-0800 (PST)
No. 259

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Here, EnA. Have some lolis.

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