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[IMAGE: AIR - Theatrical Feature]


AIR - Theatrical Feature

劇場版 AIR

Start date : 2005.08.30

End date : 2005.08.30

Episodes: 1

Status : Complete • 1/1 = 100%

Once upon a time, there existed a winged princess. All alone, she had not even one friend...
In a small town where the sea and the sky meet, such a story was passed down.

The tragic love story of the white-winged princess and her young escort.

AIR - Theatrical Feature has been licensed by ADV Films. Cease distribution immediately and buy the DVD when it's released!

[IMAGE: Clannad The Movie]


Clannad The Movie

劇場版 CLANNAD-クラナド-

Start date : 2008.03.07

End date : 2008.03.11

Episodes: 1

Status : Complete • 2/1 = 100%

Tomoya Okazaki is a delinquent at odds with his father. One day on the way uphill to school he meets a girl at the bottom, amidst a flutter of cherry blossom petals.

No matter how I try, I cannot get myself up this hill.
So could you accompany me up this hill?

[IMAGE: Denpa teki na Kanojo]


Denpa teki na Kanojo


Start date : 2005.05.14

Episodes: 3

Status : Active • 2/3 = 66.67%

One day, a strange girl who calls herself Ochibana Ame swears an oath of loyalty to the young delinquent Juuzawa Juu. Initally perplexed by her strange manner of speech and obsessive behavior, he comes to accept her existence. However, a slew of murders that leads to a close classmate's death causes Juu to begin to distrust Ame and question the motives of his 'electromagnetic girlfriend.'

[IMAGE: Dragon Quest - Emblem of Roto]


Dragon Quest - Emblem of Roto


Start date : 2004.12.31

Volumes: (Unknown)

Status : Dropped • 18/(Unknown)

The world is in peril. Evil has besieged the last bastions of good in the world. One by one, the kingdoms fall. But not all hope is gone. From the shadows come a group of heroes set to save the world.

Arus, strong of heart, descendant of the hero Roto himself. Kira, the stubborn and loyal swordsman. Yao, the female master of all forms hand-to-hand combat. Poron, the village idiot who is in fact the inheritor of the Great Sage Quadal's mantle. These four, in addition to others, strive against evil and save the future for humanity.

[IMAGE: Galaxy Angel 4th]


Galaxy Angel 4th


Start date : 2004.08.12

End date : 2005.01.30

Episodes: 13

Status : Dropped • 2/13 = 15.38%

Galaxy Angel 4th has been licensed by Bandai. Cease distribution immediately and buy the DVD when it's released!



THE iDOLM@STER Live For You!

アイドルマスター ライブフォーユー!

Start date : 2008.02.28

End date : 2008.02.29

Episodes: 1

Status : Complete • 1/1 = 100%

On the day before the 765 Productions Fan Appreciation Event, each of the idols prepares to head home. However, Chihaya Kisaragi, uneasy about tomorrow's events, decides to have a last minute personal rehearsal. One thing leads to another as Chihaya, Miki and Haruka are dragged from one exciting situation to the next. What is the truck driver's true destination? What is the secret behind the old house? Will the girls make it in time for the event? Watch as Miki, Haruka, Chihaya and the other idols join together for their biggest adventure yet!

[IMAGE: Kannagi]




Start date : 2008.10.22

Episodes: 13

Status : Dropped • 10/13 = 76.92%

Jin is a young student with an artistic bent who lives by himself in a rented house. His dad is frequently absent and his cute childhood friend Tsugumi tries her best to take care of him. One day, he carves a statue out of sacred tree, which then suddenly comes to life. Jin is the Pygmalion to Kannagi's Galatea. What crazy adventures await them?

Kannagi has been licensed by Bandai USA. Cease distribution immediately and buy the DVD when it's released!

[IMAGE: Lucky☆Star]




Start date : 2007.04.08

End date : 2007.10.27

Episodes: 24

Status : Complete • 25/24 = 100%

Imagine your high school life. Having fun in school, doing homework, watching anime, playing video games, socializing with friends. Now imagine you were a short little girl with an oversized ahoge, blue hair down to your heels, and coincidentally the biggest otaku in the world. Welcome to Lucky Star.

Lucky Star has been licensed by Bandai USA. Cease distribution immediately and buy the DVD when it's released!





Start date : 2005.02.17

Volumes: (Unknown)

Status : Dropped • 4/(Unknown)

Little girls. Big bad villain. A cowardly emo kid. And... crazy special powers. The result? Madness, mayhem, pandemonium, havoc, hilarity.

[IMAGE: Rec]




Start date : 2006.02.12

End date : 2007.04.06

Episodes: 9 + 1

Status : Complete • 10/9 = 100%

Fumihiko Matsumaru is your average salaryman with a serious problem- he has no girlfriend. Stood up by the only girl at Inoue Confectionary he likes, Matsumaru decides to give up on the dating business until a chance encounter with a cute girl changes his life.

Due to various circumstances, the two end up living together. As their relationship progresses they become more than friends, but for our Matsumaru-kun, the path to love isn't going to be quite that easy...

[IMAGE: School Days <Valentine Days>]


School Days <Valentine Days>


Start date : 2008.01.17

End date : 2008.01.21

Episodes: 1

Status : Complete • 1/1 = 100%

Thoughts of love and romance bloom during 'Valentine Days'. At Sakakino High as well, such feelings are blooming. As the people around Makoto become pre-occupied with thoughts about the upcoming day, will his life change for the better or worse..? Sekai and Kotonoha join in, along with Otome and other characters as well. Will Sakakino High become the site of a huge battle!?

[IMAGE: Shakugan no Shana - The Movie]


Shakugan no Shana - The Movie

劇場版 灼眼のシャナ

Start date : 2007.11.20

Episodes: (Unknown)

Status : Stalled • 0/(Unknown)

We present to you the Director's Cut version of the movie.

Coming soon...

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