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YURIKA major update (860)

Ascaroth : 2008.12.29 (Mon) 00:00'00" UTC-0800 (PST)
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Major update to the entire site, mainly centering around the news comments feature and implementing some features I've been too lazy to implement in the past.

Changelog details

  • Added: Comments on news posts
  • Added: Quote (>>text) feature on BB posts and news comments
  • Added: Option to keep thread if header post is deleted in BB
  • Added: Bump limit in BB (not enforced on this site)
  • Added: Duplicate image detection in BB
  • Fixed: Cannot create posts in BB from text mode
  • Fixed: Text mode still shows some images
  • Fixed: Deleted posts are always hidden regardless of settings in BB
  • Fixed: Post links (>>123) are not global
  • Fixed: Image sizes in Projects page are not consistent
  • Modified: Dependency file loading optimizations
  • Modified: Removed avatars from text mode
  • Modified: Expanded avatar sizes to 75 × 75 pixels
  • Modified: Months are shown on front page
  • Modified: New banner image style
  • Known issue: Transparency does not work with IE8 β2: this is not fixable as it is an issue with the browser's implementation of CSS

If things break, please report it at the appropriate BB thread. Thanks!

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