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Kannagi Episode 10

NarumiAyumu : 2009.07.03 (Fri) 00:00'00" UTC-0700 (PDT)
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All girls are battle witches.

Comment : Sweet!

Krama / 3dfac51b : 2009.07.03 (Fri) 01:43'44" UTC-0700 (PDT)
No. 1

Freakin' Awesome! 3 epis to go! Btw, will EnA be doing the OVA aka epi 14 too?

Comment : Thanks!

Lupin / 72cde83f : 2009.07.03 (Fri) 02:36'56" UTC-0700 (PDT)
No. 2

Thank you very much for the episode.

Comment : are you seriously still working on this?!

suiton / 5b780ef2 : 2009.07.03 (Fri) 05:14'24" UTC-0700 (PDT)
No. 3

wow...hahah...i really forgot about you guys til i saw a release posted on tokyotoshokan...lol...i've been watching this series with shin-gx as they've been releasing the dvd version..

Comment : (No subject)

Krama / 6d83eec6 : 2009.07.17 (Fri) 04:51'12" UTC-0700 (PDT)
No. 4

Ossu! Just want to know if you're still going to finish Kannagi even though it's been licensed now? Bandai just announced it, waiting for a reply =3

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